7 steps to overcome in the life of a couple with a trans woman

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    Being in relationship to a trans woman brings many obstacles that the partners must strive to overcome in order to have a fulfilled life as a couple. If you are in this kind of relationship, knowing these difficulties is important so that you can learn how to overcome them easily. Here are 7 steps to take in the life of a couple with a trans woman.

    The night you sleep, and that’s it

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    One of the first difficulties to overcome when you get into a relationship with a trans woman is that relating to intimate relationships. You weren’t used to sleeping with someone with a gender identity problem and the first night can be awkward. You will probably wonder if you are doing the right thing and who will make the first move.

    If one of you is a virgin, it becomes more complicated. From then on, the night becomes longer. Either way, one of you has to be assertive and bossy during sex. It may seem difficult at first, but over time you’ll get better at it because you’ll both become more comfortable with each other.

    The HIV Test

    In both the United States and Europe, transsexuals are at high risk for HIV infections. According to the CDC, approximately 53% of the LGBTQ community are among those most affected by the syndrome. This made regular HIV testing mandatory for all transgender people.

    Although most couples with a transgender woman may find this tiring, it is meant to protect them and their partners from contracting the virus. Coping with this stage may not be easy, but with good hygiene and regular testing, you will live comfortably as a trans couple.

    Being alone with your parents

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    Transsexuals who live alone with their parents experience difficult times as they constantly suffer judgment and blame from their parents. Many parents are not satisfied when their children decide to change sex and many generally feel responsible in these cases.

    When you decide to get in a relationship with a trans woman, you may also face this problem with your parents. They will want to understand why their child made such a life choice. You will also not be immune to judgment when you visit your trans partner.

    It will probably make you uncomfortable. However, in any case, you will have to hold on and tell them that you are doing what makes you happy. Nevertheless, you will have to overcome the mental issues that your partner faced as a trans woman when living alone with her parents.

    The door of the toilets

    It is normal to have some problems in the first few months with toilet doors. However, there is no doubt that in time you will get over it. Many trans women barge into the men’s bathroom before realizing they have changed sex.

    This is to be expected, as their psyche was accustomed to using a particular toilet prior to their gender change. The best way out is to give your trans partner some time and not be afraid to apologize when this mistake happens.

    As time passes, she will be mentally prepared to have the right reflexes. You can also remind her to choose the right toilet door each time she intends to use it, without sounding like a reproach.

    The argument gets out of hand

    two fingers with drawings representing a sad couple having a fight

    Relationships are not a bed of roses and for the bond between couples to be stronger, arguments have to happen. If you’re dating a trans woman, you’ll need to be patient with her relationships with the opposite sex, friends, and family.

    Don’t let any situation spiral out of control and always learn to say how you feel. However, when arguments arise, you must learn to express your point of view without insulting or trying to ridicule the other person. Discussing in this way eliminates unclear assumptions.

    Also, while arguments can be good for the couple, you shouldn’t let them lead to a fight.

    The Aesthetic Collision

    Collisions are provocative impacts that occur regularly among transgender couples. A trans woman should expect this kind of phenomenon because people have different experiences and they will react differently to situations. In an aesthetic collision, check the tone and mode of communication without ever getting physical.

    Collisions are meant to generate discussion and lead to investigations. Pay attention to personality conflicts when this kind of situation arises because the way people react to problems differs. So try to help your partner handle these collisions tactfully.

    The Unresolved Disagreement

    Learning is a permanent quest because no one is an island of knowledge. When couples argue or fight, it is supposed to solve a problem. Unresolved disagreements can happen. However, it is best to resolve any issues immediately.

    Unresolved disagreements between transgender couples cause irreparable damage that could lead to separation. It is important to always minimize friction and avoid these kinds of disagreements. Communication and forgiveness are important to avoid conflict.

    Never go to bed with a grudge against your partner because this procrastination does not bring fruitful results.

    Life for trans couples can be fun when you know what to expect and find ways to prevent problems. People should expect friction during relationships, which should be a learning process to become better people. Maintaining a fulfilling relationship with the transgender woman takes effort, love and patienc.

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